One of our group is a qualified physiotherapist and he was looking for a way he might bring his skills to help others in the squad. What he has put together is a document, available only to the Orcas’ membership, that you can follow in the privacy of your home to test your flexibility with respect to swimming. In swimming, “BLAB” (Body position, Leg action, Arm action and Breathing), requires adequate flexibility in order to lead to improvements in technique, lap times and the avoidance of injuries. This document takes you through 7 tests leading to 11 photos which are then loaded into an app on your phone to make angle measurements. Acceptable ranges of angle measurement are given in the document. He is happy to discuss any problems with performing the tests, your outcomes and to make some suggestions for improvement. His contact details are given in the document. Should you want to take advantage of his work we can distribute the document by email. Just send a message to the Orcas’ contact email.



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