It will be just over a year since Pablo Pizzuto ‘Escaped from Alcatraz’ only to be captured back in his homeland of Argentina where this time he’ll be battling it out with local authorities in another swim, this time in the pool. Pablo will be competing in Argentina’s version of the Masters Swimming Championships in Santa Fe, a city about 500km north east of Buenos Aires. Due to the enormous number of entrants the Championships will be held over four days, 1–4 October. An expected 500–600 participants will be battling it out in their age groups and we’re sure Pablo will do his best to represent the Orcas and MSV. He’ll also be swimming with and against his brother for whom he has high regard and claims is a better swimmer than he is. But Pablo is modest and I’m sure he’ll give his brother a run for his money as he always does when he competes. Good luck Pablo!

In other news, the Orcas will be represented at next years Rottnest Channel swim in WA (pending successful registration) with Pablo Pizzuto and Friedo Ligthart entering as a duo and Patrick Mohr will attempt his first solo crossing. This will be Pablo’s and Friedo’s first crossing of this iconic event and Pat’s first solo, although Pat has completed the swim as a duo with his sister a few years ago and did very well with an age group second place podium finish. All three swimmers will be training hard between now and February and will also be participating in some of the long distance events, including the 10km SV Open Water Championships, the 11km Bloody Big Swim and 5km Mt Martha.

Don’t forget that the State SC Relay Championships are on at the end of the month. Registrations close 11 September. If you’ve never competed before give it a try at the relays. It’s a great supportive team building day.

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